Libra ~ The Boat That Noah Built (Pairs) Understand? ~ Psychic Tarot Reading 2021 #libra

Libra ~ The Boat That Noah Built (Pairs) Understand? ~ Psychic Tarot Reading 2021 #libra

Such a deep & resourceful reading, not only in love, but also an understanding and a connection from above. Blessings!

Welcome, together we speak and listen to our beautiful guides who supply the most loving messages for our soul growth.

Long distance energy healing has been around for many of moons, we use the same concept to reach our spirit guides and relate incoming messages.

Thank you for your beautiful support of my work, I hope you enjoy and open yourself up to receiving your healing messages.

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Private reading – Your personal reading will be done by video recording, based on any questions you may have and the messages from Spirit. After you have purchased your reading ($155 usd), please send me an email regarding the detailed situation/questions you need clarity on, add birthdays for a little numerology also. I DO NOT schedule anyone until I receive a confirmation from PayPal. Once I have completed your video (Approx two weeks, please please have patience, thank you) I will send the link to your email. Feel free to email me with approximate time your video will be complete and as always…thank you, thank you, thank you!

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